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Does a lack of literacy negate the responsibility of discipleship? Part 2

A week and a half ago was our test run for our audio discipleship program.  I am truly excited to see what God is going to do with it.  We have bought some solar powered MP3 players.  Salif took three of these machines.  There are studies that are loaded on each player.  Each study starts with two songs, two chapters of the Bible and one teaching.  Salif will visit with the group that listened to them and ask them questions to see if they understood the teaching or not.  He will be able to go into more detail with them about the particular subject matter addressed in the lesson.  Then, he will take back the MP3 player (which is labeled one) and give them a new one (which is labeled 2 and contains a new lesson.)  After the group listens to the second MP3 lesson, he can give them a third and so on.  As one group finishes MP3 player 1 and is ready for MP3 player 2, Salif can pass MP3 player 1 onto a new group so that several groups are learning from the lessons each week.

The beauty of this set up is that they can hear the Word of God each day.  Each one of these players has a built-in speaker.  Believers from each group of houses can gather to listen to the study each day.  We are certain that this will be a great evangelistic tool also.  As the believers listen, others from their courtyard will listen also.  Many people who won’t come to church will listen.  Their houses/huts are grouped together around an open yard, and much of their lives are spent together congregated in this open area. When one has something electronic to listen to, especially in a village setting, it attracts the interest of those that are around them. This should bring great fruit as believers grow in their faith, and the unsaved hear the gospel.

I tried to find a good picture of the African village courtyard but this is the only one that is decent.  All those huts are in one courtyard.

Tim Land in Africa

One Response to “Does a lack of literacy negate the responsibility of discipleship? Part 2”

  1. gary tingen Says:

    Praying for yiu, Brother. We’ll being going back to s. sudan and kenya on jun 8. Pray for us.

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