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An interesting Sunday…Part 1

We had a huge surprise for Pastor Konate and his wife planned for last Sunday.  In secret I talked with the church and told them we wanted to have Pastor’s Appreciation Day.  At the end of service I was going to call Pastor Konate and his wife to the front, but I couldn’t find Pastor Konate.  I told a member to search for him real quick.  The member came back and told me he had to leave because Vicente (a Mexican missionary that helps in Burkina) was in trouble.

Three men from our church had to go and try to rescue Vicente from a very bad situation.  Vicente is very zealous and is a great soul-winner.  The children in the neighborhood all know him by name.  Sunday he went with his moto and picked up three children to come to church with him.  One of them began to cry so Vicente took the kid back home during the service.  When he arrived a mob gathered around.  Turns out that the parents didn’t know where the kids went to.  The mother questioned some people out front, and they told her that a white man took them.  She began to panic and cry.

When Vicente arrived he told the mother what happened and apologized.  She forgave him, but there was mob outside.  They had rocks, machetes, sitcks, etc. in their hands.  They were ready to punish Vicente without understanding what had happened.  They were trying to find a way to get into the house.

A member of our church, Justin, lives near there.  One of the neighbors recognized Vicente and ran to the church to get Justin.  When he showed up with Pastor Konate there was a huge crowd of over 200.  Since Justin knows most of them that were there half of the crowd calmed down and left.  The other half wouldn’t let it go.  God sent a police officer by.  He told them to go home.  He had to put Vicente in his car and drive him to church.  God protected Vicente, and gratefully he wasn’t harmed.

The mother of the children brought her kids to our Vacation Bible School this past week.  God is good.

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