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Albert’s testimony — Our newest Prayer letter

For quite some time I have been thinking that it might be a good idea to share the testimony of someone from the ministry in Burkina Faso.  I am going to send out a letter from time to time with the testimony of a man, woman or child that has been changed by the Word of God.

I want to share the story of a young man named Albert.  He is truly an important part of the ministry here in Burkina Faso.  He is one of the strengths of this ministry.

Over four years ago Gilbert (now a pastor in training) took us to Albert’s one room house.  Albert is actually Gilbert’s uncle even though Gilbert is older.  We visited with Albert for around an hour.  He listened very well to the Gospel but he was very religious.  He was very faithful to another church, but it was evident that he didn’t have any assurance of his salvation.  We invited him to church, and he hesitated.  He didn’t really want make a commitment.

Many weeks went by and Albert never came to church.  We visited him again and again. It was always the same:  good conversation, friendly spirit, but no commitment to the Gospel or come to visit our church.  In January 2008, we had celebration day.  It was our one year anniversary of Living Water Baptist Church.  We passed out thousands of flyers.  Members invited their families and friends.  We had over 250 in attendance.  We preached the Gospel and had many people come forward to receive Jesus as their Saviour.  Albert was one of them.  Albert left religion and found a new relationship with Christ.  He got born again.

For five months he didn’t return to the church.  He was so accustomed to going to his other church.  We had a friend day and Gilbert talked his uncle into coming again.  He never quit coming again after that.  He immediately became extremely faithful to church.  He became like a sponge, soaking up the Word of God.  He was extremely hungry.  He would sit on the edge of the bench with excitement, receiving the Word of God.  I taught on tithing and being faithful to give.  I noticed that our giving increased greatly.  I realized later that it was Albert.  We had our missions conference, and our faith promise increased greatly.  I realized later that it was Albert.  He started giving more to missions than he was giving for his tithe.

Albert is a cook at a very nice restaurant.  He probably makes $140 a month.  I estimated that at one time that he was giving around 50% of what he made back to God.  He rides his bike back and forth to work.  It takes him 30 min to get there.  In the afternoon he will come home and then at night go back again for work.  That makes two hours of riding his bike each day to go to work.  Many other people have a moto here.  Albert could save and get one but he can’t save money for a moto and give like he does to God.  During a missions conference he wanted to give a testimony.  He said, “Before I came to this church, I went to work for me.  Then I came to church and got saved.  The pastor preached on giving.  I realized that God has given us an opportunity to be a part of what He is doing.  I don’t go to work for me anymore but for Him.”   Another time Albert told me that he was wished he could give more.

Albert leads our choir and the congregational singing at church.  He loves it.  He is an inspiration to me.  I feel that one day God will call him to preach, but he is already totally involved and engaged in ministry.  I wish I had 100 people with the heart and determination like Albert.


Your prayers and support have helped Albert and others lives to change.  The pictures below are of Albert leading singing and leading the youth choir.

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