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God is meeting many needs in Africa

During some of my last posts I talked about some of our plans and projects for Burkina Faso.  I was contacted by Pastor Wallace.  He is the pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Trenton, GA.  He expressed an interest in helping one of the projects.  I sent him a list of projects, and he chose to help with a new church building for the Fundamental Baptist Church of Tingandogo.

This church was started in 2005.  They have grown to about 35 adults and many children, but their church building is small.  They are in a great need.

Calvary Baptist Church had me come and present the need.  We decided that $5,000 would be sufficient to build a bigger building.  They decided that they would attempt to raise the money during the month of March.  The whole church got excited.  The kids gave.  The teenagers raised over $500.  The adults gave.  Pastor Wallace called and said that they would probably be giving over $5,000.  He asked if we could build it bigger.  No problem in doing that.  The final amount that was raised was $7,144.

It is so exciting to see how the whole church got excited about giving and helping.  What a testimony that Calvary Baptist Church has left for others.  They are needing to build a new auditorium.  Pastor Wallace told the church that if we give to build another church then maybe God would give for ours.  Then he said, even if we don’t ever build a new auditorium, at least we built one over in Africa.  I appreciate his heart for missions.  I appreciate a church that got a burden.  What if many churches would catch the same burden.  Maybe we could fulfill the great commission that God gave us to fulfill.

One Response to “God is meeting many needs in Africa”

  1. David H Says:

    That was a good post. I am just starting to really delve into the world/life of the missionary and this article helped me. I hope you don’t mind if I e-mail you from time to time if I have any questions.

    May God continue to bless you in all that you do for Him.


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