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David Lundy — A true partner

Last Furlough, I met David Lundy.  I went by Vision Baptist Church one night.  He asked if we could go out and talk.  So about 5 years ago, his family and my family went out to eat.  He told me that he was going to be my partner.  I was thinking, what is he talking about? But I have learned that sometimes it is best to just nod your head and act like you understand.

I went back to Africa and Bro. David began writing me e-mails and calling me.  Then he called and said I am coming over.  I was excited as we always are to have visitors. He helped with Vacation Bible Schools, preaching, construction projects, etc.  He has came over three times so far.  He is already planning his next two trips over to Burkina Faso.

Bro. David calls many times after the Sunday morning service.  He tells me that he was praying for me as I preached and then asks what God did that morning.

I was fishing with Bro. David a few months back.  We were walking around a small farm pond.  He told me that he was willing to preach and be a missionary if God wanted him to but God hasn’t called him.  Then he looked at me and said, “Even though I am not a preacher nor a missionary, I feel that I have the same call to reach the world with the Gospel as you do”.

Bro. David is a true partner in the ministry.  Actually his whole family is.  His wife Anne has been a great blessing to our family also.  Sometimes I think he is as excited about the ministry  as I am.  I call him when something big happens because I want to share it, and I know that he wants to hear.  Sure we need more preachers, sure we need more missionaries but we need thousands upon thousands of David Lundys.  What are you doing to make a difference around the world?  You too could become a true yoke fellow in spreading the gospel by backing this ministry or even another one that touches your heart.


One Response to “David Lundy — A true partner”

  1. Andrea Fortner Says:

    What an inspiring story. Thank you so much for sharing. I, too, have a heart for missions. Although I have never been called to the field, I am as involved in our church’s (Philadelphia Baptist in Forsyth, GA) as I can be and pray for our missionaries regularly. Thank you for being faithful to God’s call. May God bless you and your sweet family, and give you much harvest.

    Andrea Fortner
    Forsyth, GA

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