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Burkina Faso update

I knew that I missed this place; I just didn’t know how much until we arrived the other day.  When we arrived at the airport at 3 a.m. in the morning, even though I told them not to, eight young men came to greet us. They traveled on their motos, late at night.  What a great feeling to know that you are greatly loved and appreciated.  It really isn’t that I love the land, so to speak.  It is hot, dry and dirty, but I love the people and what God is doing here.

Unfortunately, we are not able to start our new work at this time.   We have had a few things work against us.  The land is very wet.  It would be hard to have a conference there. We are going to prepare a few things so that they can do the kickoff probably in November.

Even though we have had a change in plans, I am thrilled with what God is doing.  Our pastors have remained faithful.  I want to give you an example of that.

I showed up for visitation at 8 a.m. this morning at Living Water Baptist Church.  Much to my surprise many people were already there to go out and evangelize the lost.  There were at least 17 members who came.  We had a good mixture of men, women and young people.  They were excited and very zealous.  The young man that I went with was very bold.  He did a great job of explaining the Gospel.

When I was here, I had too many irons in the fire.  It was hard to be effective in every area.  I didn’t do a good job all the time.  They have taken many of the tasks and divided it among themselves.  They are more organized.   I think that I have lost my job.  That is the goal of the missionary, right?

Actually, I feel that the Lord would have us to work two more years with Living Water Baptist Church when we come back next year.   We want to create a model church.  They don’t know what an independent Baptist Church is.  We want a good model.

Thanks for your prayers.  Please pray for me tonight.  I will be teaching the youth at the youth meeting.  Also I will preach twice tomorrow morning.  Tomorrow night will start our missions conference.  It is going to be a blast. Wish you were here.

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