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How can I support missions other than finances?

I can’t seem to get this off my mind.

Yes, finances help a missionary get to the field.  I am not minimizing the need of support that a missionary has.  He must be able to provide for his family.  He also needs a work fund.  This will allow him to buy land, Bibles, build church buildings, train men, etc.  Finances are a huge need in missions.  I shared just a few thoughts Sunday night at a church about being more involved in missions besides financial support.

1. Prayer — I talked about this in a blog post before this, so I won’t go into it to much but I truly feel that a faithful prayer warrior will receive many rewards in Heaven.

2.  Communicate —  What I am writing, I know from a personal standpoint.  Sometimes a missionary feels all alone.  Sometimes he can be discouraged.  This can come from sickness, stress of the ministry, etc.  Most church people get encouragement each week from brothers and sisters in Christ at their home church.  The missionary doesn’t get this. Many missionaries have a vonage phone or something similar.  Usually this is a local number in the US.  It doesn’t cost you a penny to call them.  There is facebook, e-mail, Skype, etc.  Communication is not only good for the missionary.  I know that it will greatly help you also.

3.  Take a missions trip —  Instead of taking a vacation next year, why don’t you take a missions trip?  It is interesting that we have the truth.   We believe in true salvation.  Salvation by God’s grace and not by our own works, but we don’t lead in the mission effort. There are groups much smaller than us, but they send their young men on a missions trip for two years.  I saw a video where a man had been saving money since his five boys were born.  He wasn’t saving money for college but for their missions trip.  This should stir us.

I might get shot by saying this but instead of giving Mickey Mouse all your money this year, go to the mission field.  I am not saying that Disney is right or wrong but when I talk to people about going to the mission field, the main excuse is money when there seems that for most people money is there for a vacation.

If the heartbeat of God is missions, then why is missions not our heartbeat?

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