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We have been having a great time since coming to the States. 

We were in Ohio, Penn, New York and Canada visiting churches.  God has greatly blessed.   

Things that I have realized since being back Stateside:

  1. That I really miss Africa and the ministry.
  2. I know some people are struggling but the economy isn’t as bad as people have been saying.  Restaurants are full.  People are taking vacations.  Starbucks is full (it wouldn’t be if it was as bad as some say). 
  3. God is still blessing and still saving lives.  I have heard that the Independent Baptist churches are all dying.   I haven’t found that out to be true.  Actually I have been in many that are growing and thriving.
  4. God has greatly blessed us in Africa with some great men.  They are doing a great job while we have been gone. 
  5. That my children love McD’s. 
  6. It is easy to get fat in America.  There is too much good stuff here (really is is called “junk food”, but it tastes good).
  7. I have a wonderful family.  I already knew this but my wife is amazing.  She has followed me all over the world and still loves me.
  8. I am truly blessed to be called into the ministry.  There is no greater calling.  If I wasn’t in the ministry I would rather die.
  9. God is still in control and He is still on the throne.

One Response to “Canada”

  1. Chuck Littlefield Says:

    Great Post Keith!!!

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