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Ernest is a young man who has been a faithful member of our church.  He was born into a Muslim Family and came to our church in Jan. 2008.  I think he is about 20 years old.  He has been faithful to services and works hard in our church.  He has helped with our children’s church.

A little over three weeks ago, he was in a wreck on his moto.  It happened on a Friday night.  We weren’t contacted but knew something must be wrong because he wasn’t in church on Sunday.  Monday we went to his house, and the neighbors told us that he was in a bad wreck.  Tuesday morning we went to the hospital.  We didn’t know what to expect.  When we walked in, I realized he was in bad shape.  He had hit his head very badly.  He couldn’t talk.  He was trying to take out the stitches in his head.

After three weeks, he is talking but he still doesn’t know who we are.  He doesn’t remember our church.  I doubt he even remembers being saved almost a year ago.  He still can’t walk.  It seems he is improving daily, but he has a long road before him.  I had great hopes for this young man because of his love for God.  Please pray for Ernest.  He really needs God to help touch his body.  I would love to see him in church in a few months.


2 Responses to “Ernest”

  1. kristen Says:

    wow, we will definitely be praying for this man.

  2. Karie Says:

    -Will be praying Keith. Is this him being baptized? He looks so young! What is the update on him now?

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