Bread of Life Baptist Church

We will soon begin Bread of Life Baptist Church.  I am truly pumped about this church plant.  Almost all the other church plants that we have started, I have been the leader.  I will help with counsel and also I will be there to preach but I won’t be the leader.  A young man, named Mamadou, will start this work.

Please be in much prayer for the start of this church.  We will have evangelistic services the 12-14 of this month.  Then on the 15th we will have the first real service of this church.  We are praying that many souls will be saved each night and also that many of the contacts that we make will be faithful to the church.

I am very excited writing about this church plant.  Living Water Baptist Church is about 5 miles from this church.   The members of our church have been working for a few days now, preparing the land.  We have made bricks, dug the foundation for the building.  We are in the process of building one wall of the building and put a roof on it.  It is hard for us financially to do even this but God has been good to us.  Whenever He provides we will complete the rest.

Below are a few pictures of us working.

Digging a foundation in Burkina Faso

Making Bricks in Burkina Faso

Placing Rocks for Foundation

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