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I traveled at the end of April to our village work(Roungou).  Salif asked us if we could come to have a special evangelistic service and to help with the Baptism.  Saturday night was wonderful.  We had about 300 present.  I preached and gave the invitation.  Then I let one of our young men Konate give his testimony.  He did a superb job.

I know that I have written about Salif many times but he is doing a tremendous job.  He is probably the least educated of all the men I am training, but he is getting the job done.  He didn’t go to school except for a Muslim school to learn the Koran and to learn how to be an Imam.  His earthly father chose him to be an Imam(Muslim leader) but His heavenly father chose him to preach the good news!!!

I was truly amazed at the job that he is doing.  We started Sunday morning services in this village in January.  I haven’t been back since January until this time.  I really wish that you could see what a genuine love for Jesus and a love for others can do.  I am not against education and I am not against training.  I am giving that to Salif, but it really is amazing what God is doing through him.  We have put a great importance on education and put little on our relationship with the Lord.  We have put great importance on a doctorate and minimal importance on a love for souls.  Sorry about the preaching!

Salif Baptized 18 people.  It was a wonderful time of watching God work.

Below: Salif teaching the children at Roungou.

Salif teaching the Children

Below:  Salif Leading signing.

Salif leading the Church service \

Below:  Salif was baptized in 2005.

Salif Being Baptized

Below:  Salif baptizing 4 years later.  Praise the Lord!!!!

Salif Baptizing

Below:  Baptisms in Africa are definitely different.  I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Crowd watching the Baptism

Below:  What is a special day in a Baptist Church without food.


Below:  Do I need to say anything?

Eating Time!!!

4 Responses to “Roungou”

  1. Wayne Cooke Says:

    that is awesome Keith

  2. David Lundy Says:

    Salif is tremendous blessing and doing such a wonderful. Praise God for is heart to reach those that are lost.

  3. Johnny Leslie Says:

    Brother thanks for sharing about this man. What a blessing it is to see God use people. I could not agree more with you, that we need a love for souls more than all the knowledge in the world.

  4. Karie Beth Says:

    I love these pictures! Once again, God is working.

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