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Update on Eveline

I want to thank all who have prayed for Eveline.  I was coming back on Friday from another city and stopped in to see how she was doing.  Honestly, I don’t like going to the hospital here.  I really don’t like it in the states either, (who does?) but here is crazy.  When you walk down the hall, there are people laying everywhere.

When we got to her room my thoughts were, she doesn’t look that great to me.  She had neck brace on and was laying on the bed.   Have you ever been a situation where you wanted to help but don’t know how?  That is what I felt like.  I am amazed for her love for the Lord.  When she saw me walk in, she smiled really big.  She looked up at me and said, “If I stay paralyzed, I can still sing because God is good.”  What a weak faith I have.  I went to minister and encourage our sister but she ministered and encouraged me.  What a joy it is to learn from these great people.  If I would have never came to the mission field, I wouldn’t have had the chance to know this wonderful woman.  I must say, thank you Lord.

I left the money last week for a brain scan, but the doctors keep putting it off.  Now, they are saying she needs a neck scan as well to check the damage. This may be true, but they are in no rush to get any of this done. They are saying they can do both scans tomorrow, but we will see.  We are not sure really what, if anything they can do here if they find problems. Please pray for the medical personnel to be honest about what is needed and to have the wisdom to treat our sister.  Her accident happened a week and one day ago with some improvement but really no more answers than we had in the beginning.

2 Responses to “Update on Eveline”

  1. Johnny Leslie Says:

    Thanks for the update brother. We will continue to pray for this dear lady.

  2. Keith Shumaker Says:

    Thanks for your prayers.

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