Give a Child a Chance

I made a little video for our give a child a chance program.  We have been helping children with school since 2005.  A member of our church, Bado, started this organization.  We gave over $5,000 this year to help children.  My mother has been very active in this.  She has been a great blessing.  We are now wanting to build a school.  I needed to make a video to present to somebody and I thought maybe you would like to see it.  It isn’t the best video as I did it rather quickly but here it is:

YouTube Preview Image

4 Responses to Give a Child a Chance

  1. April Baker says:

    Great video.

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  4. Sophie says:

    Great video and message. I am married to a Burkinabe and I know exactly what you are talking about the situation of the education in Burkina. As soon as we will be back there definitely, we will also start a project about schooling. I have also started a new blog on wordpress. We are also working on a festival in Burkina about Education, Portail du Développement.

    Bright blessings