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Evangelistic Meetings

Last night and tonight, we held evangelistic meetings at Tingandogo.  We had a wonderful group last night and tonight also.  Last night, we had three people come forward.  I realized that while I was talking about salvation, that the man that came forward seemed to know what I was talking about.  He told us that he was in an Assembly of God church when he was younger.  He converted to Islam about 20 years ago.  When we were announcing our meeting, he was coming out of the Mosque and heard our announcement over the loud speaker.  He felt that he needed to come.  He told us that some of his friends had come to the meeting also and they would be mad about his decision but he knew what he had to do.  He told us that he had, many times through the years, asked the Muslim leaders  many questions and they couldn’t answer them.  He bowed his head and received Jesus.  He said that he is married to a Muslim and didn’t know what would come about but that didn’t matter because he knows what is the truth and he must accept it.

We had two women come forward also.  The one told that she was a Muslim but knew that she wanted he sins forgiven.  The other is married to Muslim man but claimed nothing except that her parents were Christians.  I explained to her that I was saved and that my wife is saved but our children must decide for themselves.  Salvation is personal.   Both of the women, bowed their head and prayed to receive Jesus.

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