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Trip to Salif’s Village

Last Thursday, we went to Salif’s village. He hadn’t visited his family in over a year, and I told him that I would like to meet his family. It took us over 8 hours to get to his village. We had a brake line bust, transmission fluid leaked, a tire blew up, and we had problems with our battery. The joys of trying to maintain a vehicle in Africa. We had a great time, though. I know that they haven’t seen any or at least not many white people in this area. For almost three hours, I would see a little head peek around the corner, little black eyes looking right at me and then hear little feet as they ran away. They haven’t had something exciting like this for long time. Its not everyday a white man comes to their village. The funniest thing is that some of the children are absolutely terrified of the white man. They see me and scream. I guess I was the village clown for the day.  Here is a picture of Salif with his mother.

Salifs family

A few hundred yards from Salif’s house was a garden. The woman, pictured below, was trying to water her plants. They looked good and should normally be ready in about one month but she was explaining that her well has dried up. My heart broke. To see her effort, to see the beautiful plants and to find out that water lacks. I looked in the well and almost got dizzy. It was so deep, but yet the water was gone. I was thinking about the area that we were in. Village after village and mile after mile there was no church. Beautiful people, kind and generous, but the Water of Life isn’t there. The well has never been dug, the first seed has never been planted. I was extremely shocked and utterly broken by what I experienced. I prayed in my heart the whole time I was there. God help us to reach these people. They need the Gospel, they need the light, they need the Water of Life. I tell people that I am totally filled with joy, but I am also sad. I am thrilled to be a child of God, to have my sins forgiven, but I am broken and saddened by the people that will perish without even hearing about the truth that Jesus loves them. God, please let us reach them, please let us win them, please do a great work through us.


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