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Mental Persecution

I am sitting here, listening to my wife teach Mamata. We have talked about her before. She comes from a devout Muslim family. She trusted Christ back in 2005. She has been very faithful. Her brother Omar trusted Christ and was very faithful until he bent under the pressure of friends and family. He has not been very faithful lately. He told his sister the other day that he wasn’t going to church because he didn’t want to get hassled. We learned yesterday that Mamata’s sister, Fatimata wanted to come to church on Easter Sunday. She even asked for and was granted permission to take off from work to come. Since they aren’t close to our church, we pick them up on the way. When I arrive onĀ  Sunday, normally Mamata is waiting for me or comes out in a few seconds, but last Sunday we waited for her for a few minutes. That is not normal, but I was actually early(big surprise) so I didn’t think much about it. She came as well as Omar this time and her younger sister Bibata. We found out that the reason it took them a few minutes to come out, was the family (mother and other family members) were in a heated discussion saying that if all of them come with us to church then the neighbors will really give them a hard time. So Mamata finally said, I can’t keep the pastor waiting and left. Unfortunately, that is why Fatimata didn’t come. I don’t think that they have ever been physically abused, but they are definitely mentally abused. I thank God for Mamata’s stand and love for the Lord. They have given her a hard time and she said there is no reason to even do that because I am not going to change now.

One Response to “Mental Persecution”

  1. David Lundy Says:

    That is a great testimony about Mamata. Here in the US, we don’t understand that kind of pressure and we should take full advantage of going to church and serving God without having to worry about the things Mamata and her family is going through. Keep up the good work.

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