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From tea to things more important

I teach a class, 4 days a week, to four men.  Two of them are my guards.  Maybe I have already explained this but we have a day guard and a night guard.  It really doesn’t cost much and it really helps.  We would for sure have thieves come, if we didn’t have a guard.  Anyhow, both of my guards have come to know the Lord Jesus.  I have talked before about Salif and Simon.  They are very faithful to my family and most importantly they are faithful to God.

We were talking about the responsibility of a preacher.  That he must always be ready to learn and to be an example.  Simon, began laughing and said that he and Salif were talking about what they were two years ago.  They were our guards and saved but they weren’t really serious about being used of God.  Since that time, they have become serious and really interested in learning and giving the Word of God.  Simon told me that two years ago, their life consisted of guarding and on their free, they would make tea.  It is normal for a group of young men to make some tea and shoot the breeze.  This isn’t normal tea.  It is powerful.  You actually take it in a shot glass.  I like it the second time they make it, not the first.  He said now they don’t have time to make tea anymore but they study the Word of God and now they really have something to talk about instead of just shooting the breeze.  It blessed my heart to hear this.

One Response to “From tea to things more important”

  1. Jason Rishel Says:

    It is a blessing to see how much Salif and Simon grow in the Lord. Tell them we are praying for them.

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