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Yesterday was an interesting day.  I have an older man named Zachary, that works with me.  He has pastored two different churches.  Actually, he has started two different churches.  He was with the Assembly of God but had major problems with their doctrine for a long time.  They finally asked him to leave.  When he left, he looked for the truth and found that he was in agreement with the Baptist doctrine.  He worked with a missionary in Ivory Coast for almost a year and then returned here to Burkina Faso.  I have pastors and other christian workers come by all the time, saying they want to work with me.  Of course the problem is that our doctrine isn’t the same and really they don’t want the truth, they just want the money.  But I felt that Zachary was sincere and real.

Zachary has been with us for almost a year.  He has been a great asset to the ministry.  He told me the other day that he wants to start another church somewhere.  I feel it is best for us and him, that he stay here for another year or two but then we will plan to send him as a church to where God calls him.  Yesterday, we traveled to the town of Zabre.  I bet they have over 10,000 people there.  This is where one of the works he started was and very near to his village.   We also visited his first work.  It was a thrill to met his family, see where he came from and what he did.  We also met his older brother.  His older brother is the Imam(Muslim Leader) of the village.  All the rest of his family has been saved by the grace of God.  He told me that after his mother died, the family was divided.  They had all of their houses in one courtyard but because of the Muslim brother they all had to get their own place.  He has another brother that is a pastor.  Anyhow, we had a great day.  I forgot my camera and I am kicking myself because of it.

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