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Becoming Burkinabe

I was told today that I am becoming Burkinabe. I bought a moto. It’s not a motorcycle but a little smaller. I actually bought it off a church member because he as going to buy a new one and gave me a good price. It really wasn’t going to be for me but for the work. Whenever somebody needs it for the ministry, it is for them. Well my vehicle has been burning some serious oil, so we are have a big revision. It will be in the shop for at least 8 days.

I was told today that I am really a Burkinabe. The reason why is that I have had to take Emily and Meredith to preschool on the Moto. Emily laughed all the way from the house to school. I have seen a man and his wife and two kids on a moto before. The moto is a preferred method of travel in Burkina Faso. It is called the city of motos. I also had to go with one of our members in town today. I followed him on the moto. You should see the way the people looked at me. It could be because I am a white man and they wonder what the crazy white man is doing on a moto. The other thing is that I am just a little bigger than the average person, so maybe it is funny to see a giant on a moto.

It takes more than a moto to fit in here.  Just having a moto doesn’t mean that I am connecting with the people.  It must be my heart that connects with their heart.

Kids going to school with dad

4 Responses to “Becoming Burkinabe”

  1. GG Says:

    Looks like they are both “tickled” to be on the moto-At least they are in the front!!!! “Be CarefuL” 🙂

  2. Shane Clements Says:

    Next thing you know, you will be sporting leather chaps and a leather jacket and one of those German helmet with the little spike thing on top…… : )

    Great picture Bro. Keith, the girls really look like they are enjoying the ride.

  3. Keith Says:

    The girls are having fun. Just wanted to let you know that we do take back roads and we aren’t going 100 mph. I couldn’t find chaps in my size.

  4. Anne Says:

    Guess there are no helmet laws there!=) Don’t worry GG…look at the big smiles on their faces!

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