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Project #1 — House for a Pastor

I felt lead to help a pastor from the Ivory Coast build a house. His name is Fouseni. He is a great young man, and God has used him in Divo Nord. This is the village work that God allowed us to start while living in the Ivory Coast. It is in a very Muslim village. I would say that 90% of the village is Muslim. Before we left the Ivory Coast, we built a church building and bought the piece of land next to the church for a parsonage.

As I stated, the young man that took over the work is named Fouseni. He grew up in this village. He was born in a very devout Muslim family. His brother made profession in Christ and after two years won his twin brother(Fouseni) to Christ. God called them both into the ministry. The older brother has fallen into some spiritual problems but Fouseni is really working hard. He hasn’t had tons of fruit but God is greatly using him in this village. He has been persecuted, laughed at, mocked and threatened. Even his father, who is still a Muslim, was told that he should kill his son due to the fact that he left Mohammad and Islam.

Fouseni told me a year ago that he was having a hard time because even though his father has been gracious to him, he doesn’t have full liberty talking about Christ(he stills lives in his fathers house). This is because most of the family are still Muslim. They find his beliefs offensive, and out of respect for his father he cannot freely express his beliefs as long as he’s still under his father’s roof.  I felt that he needed to have his own place and began to make plans to send the money for construction. All of this took place about a year ago. Even though the cost isn’t great compared to major projects, I haven’t had the money necessary to give him because of our other projects. In order to finish his house we will need about $2000 dollars in addition to what I have already saved. Please pray that we can meet this need soon so that our dear brother can have the freedom to do the work of God.

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