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Great compliment

There is a pastor here from Togo. He is going to be starting a new church here in Ouaga along with 3 other pastors. I have been helping them get settled in. Pastor Daniel gave me a compliment that I wasn’t expecting but made my heart fill with joy. He told me that he never has known another missionary like me and my wife. That was a little shocking and I didn’t know exactly what he was talking about so I asked him, what do you mean. He said that he lives in Lome and there are many American missionaries that he has known. He said I wasn’t typical because I was like an African instead of an American. He told me that I eat what they eat, sleep in their houses, they sleep in my house, they eat at my table, etc. He told me this wasn’t normal from what he has seen. Well, in my view point it is normal. How do I minister to these people if I don’t become what they are and accept them for who they are? It is true that we are not exactly the same but I am not any better than they are. They are not a lesser people, I think they are just less fortunate. They are not stupid as people have told me, you should see what they do and how smart they are.  The Lord loves them and has given me a love for them.

3 Responses to “Great compliment”

  1. Shane Clements Says:

    Praise God!!!! What a wonderful testimony for the Lord Bro. Keith. I think one of the things that hinder most missionaries overseas is the fact they don’t want to learn the culture and if we are not careful we will try to turn those we are working with into copies of Americans. May the Lord continue to bless all that you and your family do there for Him.

    Bro. Shane

  2. John Pearson Says:

    Brother Keith;

    I would have to second that Keith. When a war broke out in the first country you were in. Many went home. You went next door. I use that example more than times than i can count. When others get sick, they go home. You stay. Few have the iron will to stay and do the work that you do. I believe that what God has allowed to happen in your ministry is not only unique to guys like you who will tough it out, but is exemplary of the true missionary spirit. However, your wife is also among those that display an expemplary will and missionary spirit. You could not do it without her.

  3. David Lundy Says:

    You are setting the example for other missionaires in the area and the world. You are putting into practice what you preach and I think you are a blessing. Thanks for being my yokefellow.

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