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A Wonderful day but a sad day too!

My health is much better today. Thanks again for your prayers. Today was a great day. I asked Emile (the law student) to give an encouraging message today to our people. The reason why I did this is because Emile will be leaving us to go to Geneva. God worked miracles for him to be able to continue his studies there. That is why I am sad. I can truly say that it had to be God who opened these doors for him because he comes from a family that still lives in a mud hut and there was no way possible for him to go if God didn’t provide many open doors. I told him all along that if God opens the door be happy, and if he closes the door be happy. I have never seen a young man grow as fast as Emile did in the last 4 months or so. He got addicted to the Word. He made me work hard too at knowing the Word because he doesn’t take the attitude, “that’s the way my pastor does it”
or “that is what Baptists believe.”  He wants to know the truth.  “Iron sharpeneth iron.”  He started the youth program and did a great job. He was working on translation work and doing a good job. Even with all the craziness going on in preparing to leave, he didn’t want to leave one of his translation jobs undone. He came over last night late to finish it. This shows his character. Truthfully I wanted to tell him just quit school and work with me but I know that God has big plans for him.

Emile did give a message today. He actually cut lose and preached. What an amazing first message. I have heard many first messages in my time, but I have never heard a better one in Africa or America than I did today. God blessed in both churches today. We had about 85 at Tingandogo and 90 at Cissin today. We had two saved today. One of the ones saved was our iron man. He is attaching all of our iron for the church. He had been telling us that he was coming for a few weeks and today he came and gave his life to Jesus. The work of God is amazing. I am truly doing the best thing in life and I don’t deserve it but i love it!

One Response to “A Wonderful day but a sad day too!”

  1. David Lundy Says:

    I remember talking with Emile and thinking he was a sharpe yourg man. I know God will be with him.


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