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Our First Baptism at Cissin

God truly blessed today. First, we went to Tingandogo. This area has been tough, but we are beginning to have many faithful members here. We had two people raise their hands and after the service they trusted Jesus for their salvation.

Upon our arrival at Cissin, we realized we had problem. We arrived at 9:58 and service normally starts at 10:00. Sometimes we are late and sometimes we are on time because of the service at Tingandogo. The problem was a good problem. We realized that we might not have enough place in our small building to put all of adults. We already start with the kids outside because of a lack of space. We had a group of about 12 evangelize yesterday afternoon while some of the women prepared for today’s meal. Because of the evangelism and our first baptism we were packed. We had to literally pack the people in like sardines. I couldn’t move when I preached. We had well over 60 adults. (I didn’t get a good count.) We had over 70 kids. I know we had over 130 this morning. This church is only 7 months old and God has truly blessed. I had the great privilege of baptizing 20 people this morning. God has done a great work in this church. We had over 40 tonight and most of those were adults. I told them tonight that my goal was to one day have the same problem that we had this morning(lack of space) in our new building which should be able to seat over 300 adults.

This is a picture at the beginning of Church. We must have had about another 15 crammed in the building a little later and a few had to stay outside the door. Praise the Lord that the bottom floor should be done in about 1 month and half.

Adults in Church

Rosalie getting Baptised

Crowd around Baptismal Pool

2 Responses to “Our First Baptism at Cissin”

  1. April Baker Says:

    Amen, Bro. it is a blessing to see how God is using your family in the ministry.

  2. David Lundy Says:

    Praise God for what is happening. It truly is a blessing seeing what is taking place there. Brother, at the rate you are going, you will need a bigger building before you finish the first one. I reconginze the little girl in the photo you are baptizing. Keep the updates coming.

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