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Sunday Church

God truly blessed in our services today.  We had good crowds at both churches.  I taught on eternel security this morning.  One of the greatest lies that the devil had created is that a Christian can lose his salvation.  We are attacked but that greatly here.  After reading about 14 verses on the subject, I think it was very evident that a true believer can never lost eternal life.

Tonight, I shared the story of Elijah and Elisha.  It was interesting to me that Elisha was told by the prophets and by Elijah to go no further.  Elisha didn’t want any part of it.  He was going no matter what.  I feel that if he wouldn’t have went on, he wouldn’t have had the opportunity to receive double.  His faithfulness brought greater blessings.  Many people stop short and miss Gods blessings.  Just go a little farther.  Don’t stop, don’t quit, just a little farther and God will take over.  A faithful friend and bother told me after the service he needed the message.  Bado has been a great blessing and used greatly in our ministry.  He has always given of his time and of his money(this is very rare here).  He was helping take care of some paperwork for our 5 acres of land at Tingandogo.  Since I was in the village over the weekend, he was forced to give about $40 of his own money.  He told me that a little after midnight, he felt like somebody was talking to him(we know it was Satan trying to discourage him), “if you continue to give and do all this for the church then you won’t be able to eat and live.”  He has also had many struggles with family as of late.  He said that the message really broke his heart and he knows he can’t quit.  Don’t quit, God has something great in store for you.

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  1. David Lundy Says:

    Praise God for Bado. This is very trying time for him and I know God will bless him for helping the church. Tell him I am praying for him.

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