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An encouraging day!

At 2 AM it started raining. It didn’t stop until 11:30 AM. Man, did it ever rain. Ouagadougou became a big lake. It was good for the fields as they desperately need rain, but for the church service it wasn’t really great. (Most of our people walk to church, some coming from at least a mile away. Some of them have bicycles, and a very select few have mopeds. It is very difficult to go anywhere in this type of weather, and most people stick close to home when it pours.) We showed up at Tingandogo, with my family and 3 others. I thought that it might just be us at church because of the mud, rain and new rivers everywhere, but we had 5 others show up. I was truly amazed because when they got there they looked like they had jumped in a lake, but they still came. We had a great service and God really touched those that came.

At Cissin when we showed up, we had a few present. By the time I started preaching we must have had about 20. People continued to wonder in throughout the service, most of them completely soaked. I was again amazed at those who came. My heart was really encouraged because of the faithfulness of the people.

We also had our first teachers and workers meeting tonight. When I announced the meeting, I told the people that we are going to require certain things for them to be leaders one being arriving on time. When I showed up for the meeting tonight, there were already 20 in the church. Man was I ever surprised. God is forming a team. He is building a model church here, that He will use mightly. I was told by other missionaries that the Africans can’t come on time. I told them tonight that we wanted to take boys and make them men.

The message this morning dealt with the children of Israel and Moses. They complained because they thought they were going to die. They were trapped with no way out. Moses told them, not to have fear because God was going to deliver them and fight for them. God made a way and He will make a way for us. We must learn how to have faith and confidence in our God and wait for Him to work. If you are like me, you don’t have much patience and move before God can work.

One Response to “An encouraging day!”

  1. David Lundy Says:

    Man is it great to see God moving. Sounds like the people are really wanting to learn more about God and serve, especially when they are traviling in the pouring rain. That is great news about the teachers and workers meeting. Showing up on time is the first step in the right direction.

    David Lundy

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